With many years experience with my own large ecommerce site, a degree in web technology & design, google certification and industry qualifications I am extremely qualified to help you with your website

My own website turnover is increasing consistently year on year relying mainly on organic traffic with very little advertising budget.

Being in the unique position of being both a developer and a product owner I am at the forefront of the latest technology and am fully updated on Google best practices following regular algorithm updates.

I also have a Bsc in digital technology & design and am in the process of becoming a Google Partner.



I can now guarantee to build you a website that works, google love it, customers love it and the developers are still on standby should any technical issues arise but more importantly to constantly update and think ahead of the rest, which means more customers, better technology and a fast working completely bug free website. We were mobile responsive long before google made the announcement.


My Story


2o years ago I had a retail jewellery shop but was fascinated with the emerging e-commerce websites that large companies were starting to use. The costs were so prohibitive having my own site was just a pipe dream.

During a career break to raise my children website hosting became available at a reasonable cost and also gave me the ability to work from home. My first website was a disaster, I had no idea how to read or write code, image optimisation was a different universe and SEO was very confusing.

I too a basic html course, a basic web design course, learned seearch engine optimisation and ventured into the world of Magento and Prestashop. At this stage google invited me to do an analytics certified course. That led to me becoming hooked on statistics and user friendly navigations which still fascinate me.

Around this time I was asked if I would like to beta test a new software, the quote was "it has bugs but not as many bugs as your websites"

In return for my input the developers taught me php, flushing databases and how to write code for the back end of websites and servers. This in turn led to me doing a Bsc with DIT in web technology & design.

I am still learning every day and have a passion for both of my businesses, each one teaches me something new which is applied to the other, all of this knowledge is passed along to my clients who are as enthusiastic as me about driving more sales while having great customer service.





Phone :- Tracie Gray 085 7637799